Proxmox Consulting & Support

Proxmox consulting & support services

Edgeneering offer consulting & support services to larger corporate and government clients that need assistance with self-hosting on Proxmox.  If you are an ISP or a hosting provider that offers services to your customers, unfortunately Edgeneering are unable to offer you consulting or support services.  These services are designed only for end users of virtualization and typically only for larger enterprise clients.

Our experience with Proxmox​

Edgeneering have been Proxmox users on our servers since v1.5.  Our initial use of virtualization began back in 2007 with VMWare ESX platform, which allowed us to get better resource utilization from our server investment.  It also allowed us to do more with less power, thereby supporting a "Green" initiative with our data centers.  However over the years we found that VMWare, although very reliable was incredibly resource intensive.  Sure, its great to get five virtual servers running on one physical server - the gains there are wonderful.  But what if you could get 25, or 50?  Was that possible?

Our hosting preference is Linux and we found that VMWare was requiring such high resource for Linux hosting (similar to Windows) that it wasn't a great fit for us.  So we started looking around for alternatives.  We tried them all, but it wasn't until we stumbled across Proxmox that we found a solution that really worked.

Proxmox VE is a virtualization hypervisor environment that allows EITHER OpenVZ or KVM guests to be installed (or LXC containers in Proxmox 4.x).  OpenVZ/LXC is only available for Linux, but is the most lightweight facility that allows us to get maximum yield for our Linux hosting services.  Since 99% of our hosting is on Linux, this means Proxmox with OpenVZ or LXC is the best fit for our general Linux virtualization needs.  However in the case of a server that needs closer association and simulation of virtual hardware, the KVM option works great too.  Windows servers, for example, need to be installed in KVM containers and we've successfully done that too with Windows Server 2003 & 2008 servers working great in Proxmox VE.

Proxmox VE has a web based management console and allows for 'clusters' so that we can have a single management console to dozens of servers which simplifies our system administrators and network engineers.  Migration of a virtual server from one physical box to another is easy and quick, which allows us to respond to hardware failover and load balancing better.  Backups are simple and easily scripted to support our multi-data center environment.  Networking is flexible and can support our firewall environments very well, yet remain secured to the outside world.

And all of this is 100% Free and open source.  That's the real advantage.  Whereas VMWare would charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for a similar infrastructure, we can achieve the best resource utilization, headroom and performance with Proxmox VE for no cost.  Just like Linux, this is open source software so it fits right into our Open Source philosophy.  Although over the years, Proxmox (the company) have attempted to force a subscription model into their software, as the software is built on the GPL, it is not necessary nor mandatory to purchase it.  The alternative you may want to consider is to install the Free Proxmox software, and use the community forums for support.  Or hire a firm like Edgeneering to assist you as needed.

How can we help you?

We've been really successful with Proxmox VE for our usage and over the years have pretty much used every feature, capability, scripting and customizing it, and even its API so that we can create a manageable platform for our data centers.  And like the ethos of open source, we'd like to share what we have learned.  We can provide your organization with consulting services and even resell Proxmox VE & Mail Gateway licensing (yes, we use Proxmox Mail Gateway for anti-spam protection for our mail servers too).  Its taken us years and years to become Proxmox experts, but if you want to fast track the experience we'd love to show you how you can do this.  Our consulting rates are affordable and when you see the return on investment for this free and open source solution, you'll wonder why you didn't do this earlier.

We are registered Proxmox Partners also, so we have direct access to Proxmox for any tricky questions you might have.  But then you can have that too with Proxmox support agreements anyway.  

Many clients have used our services, particularly when they get into more complex areas such as clustering, High Availability (HA) or API integration.  That's where we shine.  We manage two clusters of servers in disparate data centers, so we are used to "logical" management of both the hypervisors but also shared disk storage.  We can utilize other open source solutions to give you the lowest cost of ownership, yet the control you need for mission critical resources.  For example, you may wish to consider using OpenFiler as an iSCSI SAN network for Proxmox - it works really well and its much healthier to not store huge VM storage footprints on the front-line hypervisors.  Talk to us about your design options for Proxmox server clustering and shared storage management using open source technologies.

Integration & Conversions

You might be in the process of migrating To or From Proxmox to other virtualization platforms.  We've helped out many clients with this, whether it be conversions from VMWare, HyperV, XEN, etc. TO Proxmox or FROM Proxmox to VMWare, HyperV, etc.  We have used a variety of tricks and techniques to create converted virtual machines that can be migrated.  We also realize that this can be a time sensitive procedure, so it needs proper planning, particularly with larger VM footprints.

Before you embark on this process, CONTACT US and we might be able to help succeed faster and cheaper than you might think.