About Us

Our story is more of a story about technological evolution

Edgeneering LLC is an Arizona LLC, founded in 2007. However our history and our founder’s journey in computer technologies date way back to the late 1970s.

Our founders have seen the advancement in human achievement in technology since the dawn of the personal computer. Its not uncommon to find any one of our founders with a soldering iron in their hand, or coding long into the night on a software project. This is because computers and software engineering is in our blood. Its not only our business, but its our passion. When it comes to building cutting edge technological solutions, we see ourselves as part of that human evolution chain. That your software application is part of a long history of human achievement and should be given that level of attention.

Having born witness to the dawn of the personal computers, we have seen it grow and flourish. From the days of Apple II computers, IBM PC/XT machines, through to the birth of the graphical user interface, we have seen how something that was once only for the bravehearted, has become an appliance for the masses. But it didn’t stop there. We saw the adoption of networking so that multiple computers to talk together, and the culmination of the Internet.

The Internet changed everything. It turned what was before a device for computation, database management and productivity to a communications device. It allowed all of us to become authors and publishers, and it allowed any small enterprise to trade online like the pros. The only barrier to entry was the ability to create and host a web site.

Today the Internet is a human right in many countries. This means that we all assume that everyone of us is ‘connected’ on the Internet. We all have email addresses, Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles, etc. And businesses are assumed to have a website and ideally a way that partners and customers can trade online with the business. As it is so inexpensive to operate a virtual existence, we see “brick & mortar” establishments closing their doors in favor of eCommerce and online shopping.

And it hasn’t stopped there. Technology gets smaller and faster. The computing power that was previously in an air-conditioned mainframe room, is now in the palm of your hand. Cellular and Wifi networks are everywhere and we are no longer shackled to our desks, offices, etc. Its not only an advantage to be able to work anywhere on the planet, but its a way that organizations can reach out to labor all over the globe and also extend their reach to customers in foreign lands they would never have known were interested in their products & services.
Although many organizations are finding it challenging to adapt to the ever evolving world of technology, we embrace it. Its in our DNA. Change is never welcomed in life and causes chaos. We use the terms “disruptive technologies” everyday, but the truth is that every technological invention since the 1970s when we started with computers has been disruptive. Things come and go. Like 8 track tapes, “Rabbit Ear” TV antennas, getting up to change the channel, etc. - its all now in the chapters of history. So to will be fax machines, photocopiers, analog telephones, etc. We evolve to newer and better things.

Come along for the ride with us

Organizations have different thresholds of pain when it comes to change. Many prefer that things don’t change, and we would consider them slower adopters of technology. Others find business benefit in being at the front of technological change. We don’t expect any organization to have to fit into a profile that we have. We adapt to the organization’s need, just like we all must adapt to technological change. Sometimes we find ourselves as “guides” with clients to technology. Other times we have to keep up with the client. But one thing is always true - the inability for a client to adapt successfully to new paradigms of business, technology and social change is usually the extinction of that client.

We take the risks for our clients, and shield them from danger of technological change where we can. Although a client may engage us just to build some software, we give them advice and wisdom of our decades of experience in how to navigate for what we see is coming around the corner.
We’ve been honored and lucky to be welcomed into the Open source community on many projects, and all new technological revolutions these days are either innovating from open source or being first seen as viable in the open source world. That’s because the folks that we like to keep company with are as passionate about developing new technology and helping evolve mankind as we are. So when one of our friends invents something revolutionary, we typically know about it well ahead of the general population.

We look to the future

That knowledge and wisdom comes with any engagement for a client. Sure, we are a business and we have to make money to exist. But we’re in this for the passion of what we do. That’s first and foremost for us. So if you want to find out what’s going on in any Internet technological space, we’d love to have a chat with you.

Our goal is to protect our clients from the choppy waters of change as well. If a client is likely to experience some risk in the future, we will bring it to their attention so that they can be pro-active rather than re-active. We see our client’s success as part of our success. We can’t be all things to all people, of course. And our clients are ultimately responsible for their own business and commercial success, but we’re happy to provide information and suggestions regarding how technology may play a role in that success where we can.

For that reason, we have relationships with clients that have worked with us for over 15 years. Edgeneering may not be that old, but these are clients that moved to Edgeneering with us as we found the need to identify ourselves specifically with the advent of cloud computing. And we want to be there for our clients for decades to come.
Edgeneering isn’t just a company you outsource some work to. We are a team of 15 passionate technologists, in Phoenix Arizona that care about our creations and our client’s well being. We see our role more as partners and less as vendors to our clients. Our goal is to add value where we can, and to be a welcomed addition to your resources.

That’s who we are

We hope that you are looking to work with an organization like Edgeneering. If so, please CONTACT USso we can see how we may be able to help you.