Custom software development for Web, Windows, MacOS, Linux & Mobile

We are Web Application Developers in Phoenix, Arizona. Based in Scottsdale, we work with local Arizona and US organizations to deliver high quality and secure applications using our unique development framework, and hosted in our high security data center right in Phoenix. If you are interested in having a software application built for your organization, whether it be a corporate or government application, or are looking for Arizona consultants with expertise in HIPAA compliant software, regulated environments, healthcare solutions, banking or government application experience, please read on to find out more about how we approach a project, our skills, hosting and what we can bring to the table as your solution partners.

Function vs. Design

There are plenty of web site designers out there. Although we have graphic artists on our team, we don’t consider ourselves as web site designers. We believe that the true benefit of the web isn’t a static web site promoting something like an electronic brochure, but a real software application. One with real data, real functional use and real benefits to the end user. For that reason, most of our clients choose Edgeneering because they are trying to have something built that is way beyond a static web site.

We draw upon decades and decades of systems analysis, design and development experience that we simply refer to as ‘Software Engineering’. Its core to what we do - our name is based on it. We understand that in complex software development, the engineering approach can make or break a project and unlike basic web site designers, we understand how to help clients with requirement gathering, provide systems analysis and data modeling services, design & prototype applications, build quality, maintainable and re-usable software code, implement solid testing and quality assurance to the work, and finally migrate it to enterprise class services for trouble free operation throughout its life.

But we also know how to make something look stunning. We see that both function & design must go hand-in-hand for web applications, however we will always favor function over style simply because clients who have mission critical needs choose Edgeneering because we can engineer and deliver to those needs.

Data centric approach

The types of web applications that we built typically involves data. A lot of data. We use enterprise class SQL databases like Firebird SQL to ensure that we can manage billions and billions of rows of data and complex databases based on data models with hundreds and hundreds of tables. This might not make much sense to those not familiar with database development, so basically “we build big database systems”. We know that when analyzing requirements for clients, database design is less likely to change over time than functionality. So we go the extra effort to get the database design right the first time.

We listen to our clients

The key to building anything right the first time is to listen to the needs of the client. That’s core to our work. If we don’t understand exactly what you need, we can’t deliver to it. And to ensure that we fully understand your needs, we produce industry standard requirement documentation so that you know exactly what the project will produce and that everyone can follow a project plan that moves forward and not backwards. Our techniques to get the requirements include joint application design (JAD) facilitation and systems analysis & modeling that validates and ensures we haven’t missed anything. You might be surprised just what you learn about your organization when we model the requirements and repeat it back.

We design for the future

Edgeneering has a wealth of design experience so that we know how to create flexible web interfaces, simplified user experiences and techniques that gets you to your data without having to jump through hoops. Our design involves both user interface experts, but also graphic artists, so that the end result is something that just looks great. You will live with software applications for a long time, if they are built right. So why not have an enjoyable experience along the way.

Security, security, security

Every part of the engineering of a web application focuses in some manner on security. We understand the dangers of the Internet and we know how to secure against “the bad guys”. We work with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and many others. Our management team include staff who have had DoD Security Clearances and have worked organizations with the highest standards for systems security. Our data center options allow you to choose from Medium to High level security hosting as well, so that you can have total peace of mind that your web applications will be able to handle the Internet.

Our development framework

We’ve spent years perfecting our proprietary and specialized software development framework so your project never starts from scratch. 70% of all projects that we work on need the same underlying technologies for security, databases, presentation, etc. and rather than build this from scratch every time, we have spent years developing technologies that build software. This advantage is unique to Edgeneering. It means that we get you to market faster. And with code that is already production ready. Our code is already rugged and ready so you won’t have unnecessary bugs and quality issues.

We host our own software

We build our software on the assumption that it will be hosted in our data center. That means it comes with all the supporting techniques that work to enterprise class hosting, including backup, email server integration, redundancy and most important - scaleability. Our software is designed to scale from a handful of users to hundreds to thousands. We can install the software on a single server, or multiple servers. But the important thing here is that the software won’t require a full re-write to scale up once you start seeing the ever increasing usage patterns that successful software achieves.

And we understand low and high bandwidth applications. Some applications just have basic data being served and don’t require a lot of bandwidth. However we also build systems that support terrabytes of monthly bandwidth, particularly in the case of video and audio content. We know how to leverage high bandwidth needs with applications and we bring that experience with us to every project.


If you want your web applications to transact, we can help. Whether it be credit card charging using PCI-DSS compliant techniques or integrate with ERP systems, accounting, etc. we can do that too. We work with huge organizations that put large scale transactions through our servers and integrate with some of the world’s largest ERP systems for hundreds of thousands of transactions per year, so we know how to build systems that handle this type of load without downtime issues. We can leverage from our existing software technologies that are already developed for most eCommerce credit card processing needs, or we can build something custom for you and still ensure that you don’t have the risks associated with non-compliance with PCI-DSS.

We integrate

We are experts in areas such as RESTful web services, SOAP, and other web service technologies to ensure that we can “mashup” with other systems in existences, other vendor offerings or to provide you with a way that your other systems can integrate in real time with our software. Whether we are developing web services clients or servers, we have done it all before, so its not a new experience for us. Our object oriented design approach ensures that we can expose application programming interfaces (APIs) to your software if you want us to build such interfaces.