Data Center Hosting and Software Development

Edgeneering?  Who's that?

Edgeneering LLC is a Phoenix, Arizona based technology company specializing in Data center hosting, Internet, Web, Blockchain, Mobile and Embedded Hardware Development.  We provide high security data center hosting and managed services for clients that are looking to partner with us for their web development. eCommercemobile, blockchain and hardware development needs.  Edgeneering develop web applications and host them in our own data centers world-wide.  Edgeneering are the cutting edge of software engineering talent.

Please read on below to see how we can help you.

Today's challenges

In today's world, software and systems are the lifeblood of your organization.  If you don't have the best and smartest systems, you are not competitive and efficient.  That means less opportunities, and higher operating costs.  Organizations have learned the hard way about putting their systems as lower priorities in their business and many are not around anymore to tell the tale.  Enterprises need to be able to handle the challenges of an international market, distributed workforce and far greater customer base.  Everyone wants access to data anywhere at anytime.

The secret is "cloud computing" where you no longer have to be limited by only the IT technology you can have internally.  But few organizations have or are willing to build their own data centers, deal with the day to day operational maintenance and most importantly understand and can proactively handle cyber security.  The common approach is to partner with an external organization to fill this void.

Refreshing your systems

Its one thing to have the resources to put your systems in "the cloud".  But many organizations have legacy systems or have new challenges in which they don't have software applications developed yet to meet those needs.  And if the today's world requires that your applications reside in the cloud, then they often have to be re-written to achieve this.  The days of workgroup computing applications with client/server networks are behind us.  Now all applications typically have to be web or mobile interfaced and hosted in data centers best suited for those types of applications.

The skillset required for engineering software for this world is very different to the past and needs a team of skilled designers & developers.  Hosted web sites are not going to cut it.  Sure, its great to have a 'killer website' but that's not going to support the business transaction processing needs of today's economy.  At the same time, a dysfunctional, poorly designed and ugly web application isn't going to work either.  There has to be balance between functionality and aesthetic.  Your engineering team needs to embrace both disciplines.

But like all software engineering projects, the key to success is having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of engineering.  From feasibility studies, requirements gathering & analysis, system design, development, testing and production migration.  If any step is missed, the project won't succeed.

Partner with Edgeneering

Edgeneering have built their business around the cloud, and quality software engineering practices.  We bring two key resources to the partnership:

  • Software engineering & graphical design talent, and
  • High security data centers for hosting your systems

We are a 'boutique' organization that focuses on solutions rather than just selling you resources from a menu.  Our goal is to develop long term relationships with our clients that last decades and to be their external systems team that they can rely on for their initial and changing needs in the future.  We've been doing this for a very long time and were one of the very first organizations in Arizona to embrace the cloud and offer these services.

Whether you are a corporation, government organization, academic institution, small or medium business, etc. we can help.  Our team provides you with the ability to extend your capabilities by leveraging our resources of the smartest systems architects, analysts, data modelers and engineers available, with the high end & secure data centers designed for the most demanding customers.  Whether it be moving an old application from the realm of PCs and client/server computing to the web, or embracing mobile technologies, or expanding your ability to transact with your customers, staff or business partners over the Internet, Edgeneering can offer you the edge you are looking for.  And right here at home in the USA.

We have history

Edgeneering have been doing this for a long time.  We were one of the first technology organizations in Arizona to embrace the cloud, even before it had a name.  We herald from decades of history building some of the most successful software projects for organizations worldwide and for general sale to the market.  Our founders started with computing back in the 1970s and have seen the technology revolution from the invention of personal computers, to networks, graphical user interfaces, SQL databases, the Internet, and now mobile and cloud computing.  We understand how to plan for the new waves of technology and actively participate in industry groups and development committees that help shape what that future will become.

We keep great company - we are partners with such organizations as Google, Firebird, and many others.  We want to be a part of the future and its important that we are sitting up front in the driver's seat so we can see where technology is going.

Mobile & Web Ready

We know that you want to use your systems anywhere, anytime  and now on any device.  We've built a framework of code that allows us to engineer a system quickly, with as much pre-tested technology so that you get to benefit from mature and time-tested solutions where possible.  We don't try and re-invent the wheel, however we know that if you really want to unlock the potential of technology, you have to embrace new ways and new thinking.  Our systems are designed for the future and run on PCs, mobile devices such as tablets, phones, watches, TV sets, cars, etc.  But we also embrace technologies such as VoIP and phone offerings so you can give your customers automated systems to call for information that works with your databases.  We integrate with other systems too, using industry standard Internet protocols to allow seamless and secure data transfers.  We work with universally adopted technologies for reporting and data transfers so you can use your existing investment in knowledge but with our databases.

Database experts

Despite how you wish to transact and work with your systems, it all comes down to the data you are managing.  This is our strength.  Our data modelling skills use the latest in engineering techniques to ensure that we capture every element of data you need for your organization, and make it accessible how you need to have it.  Whether that is part of day to day business transaction processing or business intelligence/decision support, or how you provide a portal to certain aspects of data to your customers, we can help.  We only use the best in class for enterprise databases and know how to make databases with billions of rows of data execute searches in microseconds.  We know how to deal with 'big data' needs but we also can deal with smaller, agile database requirements.

The one thing we know is that although the functionality of systems have to change regularly to meet dynamic changes in business, data structures rarely change.  So we go the extra mile to make sure that we model your organization's data requirements first to ensure that we really are building a database that will last you long into your future.  That's how we have long term relationships with huge organizations, many of whom have been our customers for over 10 years.

We'd love to hear from you

That's a bit about Edgeneering.  Let us now learn about you.  Drop us a line and we'd love to talk to you.  We don't charge for initial consultations, so don't be afraid to reach out to us.  But we'd also love you to browse our website and learn more about us.  We hope to become an important part of your organization's success and we're ready when you are.

Web Applications

Applications built for your success

We build software for the web.  If you are interested in having a software application built for your organization, please read on to find out more about how we approach a project, our skills, hosting and what we can bring to the table as your solution partners.

Function vs. Design

There are plenty of web site designers out there.  Although we have graphic artists on our team, we don't consider ourselves as web site designers.  We believe that the true benefit of the web isn't a static web site promoting something like an electronic brochure, but a real software application.  One with real data, real functional use and real benefits to the end user.  For that reason, most of our clients choose Edgeneering because they are trying to have something built that is way beyond a static web site.

We draw upon decades and decades of systems analysis, design and development experience that we simply refer to as 'Software Engineering'.  Its core to what we do - our name is based on it.  We understand that in complex software development, the engineering approach can make or break a project and unlike basic web site designers, we understand how to help clients with requirement gathering, provide systems analysis and data modeling services, design & prototype applications, build quality, maintainable and re-usable software code, implement solid testing and quality assurance to the work, and finally migrate it to enterprise class services for trouble free operation throughout its life.

But we also know how to make something look stunning.  We see that both function & design must go hand-in-hand for web applications, however we will always favor function over style simply because clients who have mission critical needs choose Edgeneering because we can engineer and deliver to those needs.

Data centric approach

The types of web applications that we built typically involves data.  A lot of data.  We use enterprise class SQL databases like Firebird SQL to ensure that we can manage billions and billions of rows of data and complex databases based on data models with hundreds and hundreds of tables.  This might not make much sense to those not familiar with database development, so basically "we build big database systems".  We know that when analyzing requirements for clients, database design is less likely to change over time than functionality.  So we go the extra effort to get the database design right the first time.  

We listen to our clients

The key to building anything right the first time is to listen to the needs of the client.  That's core to our work.  If we don't understand exactly what you need, we can't deliver to it.  And to ensure that we fully understand your needs, we produce industry standard requirement documentation so that you know exactly what the project will produce and that everyone can follow a project plan that moves forward and not backwards.  Our techniques to get the requirements include joint application design (JAD) facilitation and systems analysis & modeling that validates and ensures we haven't missed anything.  You might be surprised just what you learn about your organization when we model the requirements and repeat it back.  

We design for the future

Edgeneering has a wealth of design experience so that we know how to create flexible web interfaces, simplified user experiences and techniques that gets you to your data without having to jump through hoops.  Our design involves both user interface experts, but also graphic artists, so that the end result is something that just looks great.  You will live with software applications for a long time, if they are built right.  So why not have an enjoyable experience along the way.

Security, security, security

Every part of the engineering of a web application focuses in some manner on security.  We understand the dangers of the Internet and we know how to secure against "the bad guys".  We work with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and many others.  Our management team include staff who have had DoD Security Clearances and have worked organizations with the highest standards for systems security.  Our data center options allow you to choose from Medium to High level security hosting as well, so that you can have total peace of mind that your web applications will be able to handle the Internet.

Our development framework

We've spent years perfecting our proprietary and specialized software development framework so your project never starts from scratch.  70% of all projects that we work on need the same underlying technologies for security, databases, presentation, etc. and rather than build this from scratch every time, we have spent years developing technologies that build software.  This advantage is unique to Edgeneering.  It means that we get you to market faster.  And with code that is already production ready.  Our code is already rugged and ready so you won't have unnecessary bugs and quality issues.

We host our own software

We build our software on the assumption that it will be hosted in our data center.  That means it comes with all the supporting techniques that work to enterprise class hosting, including backup, email server integration, redundancy and most important - scaleability.  Our software is designed to scale from a handful of users to hundreds to thousands.  We can install the software on a single server, or multiple servers.  But the important thing here is that the software won't require a full re-write to scale up once you start seeing the ever increasing usage patterns that successful software achieves.

And we understand low and high bandwidth applications.  Some applications just have basic data being served and don't require a lot of bandwidth.  However we also build systems that support terrabytes of monthly bandwidth, particularly in the case of video and audio content.  We know how to leverage high bandwidth needs with applications and we bring that experience with us to every project.


If you want your web applications to transact, we can help.  Whether it be credit card charging using PCI-DSS compliant techniques or integrate with ERP systems, accounting, etc. we can do that too.  We work with huge organizations that put large scale transactions through our servers and integrate with some of the world's largest ERP systems for hundreds of thousands of transactions per year, so we know how to build systems that handle this type of load without downtime issues.  We can leverage from our existing software technologies that are already developed for most eCommerce credit card processing needs, or we can build something custom for you and still ensure that you don't have the risks associated with non-compliance with PCI-DSS.

We integrate

We are experts in areas such as RESTful web services, SOAP, and other web service technologies to ensure that we can "mashup" with other systems in existences, other vendor offerings or to provide you with a way that your other systems can integrate in real time with our software.  Whether we are developing web services clients or servers, we have done it all before, so its not a new experience for us.  Our object oriented design approach ensures that we can expose application programming interfaces (APIs) to your software if you want us to build such interfaces.


Mobile Application Development

The beauty of cloud computing is the ability to get to your systems anywhere, anytime.  So as technology moves to a far more portable world, software developers also have to move.  We embrace mobile application development as another way to deliver you to your systems and data.

Native applications or HTML5 Web applications

Mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets can run a browser.  But if you have ever tried to use a web site or web application that wasn't developed for mobile, you'll know just how difficult it can be.  The applications don't fit on the screen, they don't have easy to click buttons, or links you can get to without expanding the page all the time, and frankly they are not a pleasant experience.

If a client comes to Edgeneering with a need for a mobile application, there are two ways we can approach this - Native application development or HTML5 Web application development.

Native application development

A "native" application is a program developed specifically for a mobile device and written in a binary compatible language with the device it is to run on. This is what most people refer to as an "app" for a mobile device.  The benefits of native applications are that they can closely integrate with the physical device and all of its accessories.  They can talk to the camera, the microphone, the speakers, they can take advantage of the local processing power of the device and they reside and run natively on the device.  The downside of gaining those benefits are that native code is tied specifically to a device platform (ie. Android or iOS only) and sometimes even to a specific version of a platform.  And native applications stay resident on the local device, so if the device is stolen so too is the native application and its local data.  These negatives may not be overriding factors, however.  If you specifically need native support, we can handle that.

HTML5 Web Application development

We can also build a web hosted application that you can link to on your mobile device, but an application that is 'elastic' to the various screen sizes of the devices, whether you are using it landscape or portrait orientation, and make sure the buttons are big and work for those devices correctly.  We call this "responsive design".  This way the web application resides on our servers and not on the local application, and can work with the power of our servers to do all the hard work away from the mobile device just give you the results.  This also means that the web application isn't tied to a particular technology platform.  Web applications don't care if you are running Android or iOS.  They don't care if you are running on a smartphone or a tablet or a PC desktop.  But you do sacrifice some ability to integrate with local peripherals on the device to some extent.

Optimized server support

No matter what you are running a mobile device on, you probably want it to get its data from the server.  We have pre-built frameworks of code that can handle industry standard protocols to securely get and put data from mobile to device to server.  Using web services technologies such as REST and SOAP, we can support a well organized API between the mobile device and the server, so you can change out the mobile device at any stage in the future, but never lose your investment in the server technology that feeds the devices.  

And since we build our systems with web services enabled by default, you can have a hybrid application where part of its functionality is 100% web based (e.g. your staff using your systems for transaction processing) and another part is mobile (where you offer your customers the ability to see a subset of data in real time on their phones or tablets).  Its all flexible and you make the choice of how you want to deploy your solutions.

And the future...

Who knows what the next platform is going to be in the mobile space.  Whether it be biometric devices like glasses, or watches, or embedded devices for vehicles, TV sets, etc. it shouldn't matter.  We have the technologies and skills to adapt quickly.  We try and build our solutions without locking you down to a specific mobile technology because we know that this is a very dynamic and changing world and you probably wouldn't get a great return on your investment if locked down to a specific mobile technology.  We keep a watch on emerging standards, technologies and devices all the time so we can help protect your investment for the future.

Data Centers

About Us

About Us

Our story is more of a story about technological evolution

Edgeneering LLC is an Arizona LLC, founded in 2007.  However our history and our founder's journey in computer technologies date way back to the late 1970s.

Our founders have seen the advancement in human achievement in technology since the dawn of the personal computer.  Its not uncommon to find any one of our founders with a soldering iron in their hand, or coding long into the night on a software project.  This is because computers and software engineering is in our blood.  Its not only our business, but its our passion.  When it comes to building cutting edge technological solutions, we see ourselves as part of that human evolution chain.  That your software application is part of a long history of human achievement and should be given that level of attention.

Having born witness to the dawn of the personal computers, we have seen it grow and flourish.  From the days of Apple II computers, IBM PC/XT machines, through to the birth of the graphical user interface, we have seen how something that was once only for the bravehearted, has become an appliance for the masses.  But it didn't stop there.  We saw the adoption of networking so that multiple computers to talk together, and the culmination of the Internet.

The Internet changed everything.  It turned what was before a device for computation, database management and productivity to a communications device.  It allowed all of us to become authors and publishers, and it allowed any small enterprise to trade online like the pros.  The only barrier to entry was the ability to create and host a web site.

Today the Internet is a human right in many countries.  This means that we all assume that everyone of us is 'connected' on the Internet.  We all have email addresses, Twitter accounts, Facebook profiles, etc.  And businesses are assumed to have a website and ideally a way that partners and customers can trade online with the business.  As it is so inexpensive to operate a virtual existence, we see "brick & mortar" establishments closing their doors in favor of eCommerce and online shopping.  

And it hasn't stopped there.  Technology gets smaller and faster.  The computing power that was previously in an air-conditioned mainframe room, is now in the palm of your hand.  Cellular and Wifi networks are everywhere and we are no longer shackled to our desks, offices, etc.  Its not only an advantage to be able to work anywhere on the planet, but its a way that organizations can reach out to labor all over the globe and also extend their reach to customers in foreign lands they would never have known were interested in their products & services.

Come along for the ride with us

Although many organizations are finding it challenging to adapt to the ever evolving world of technology, we embrace it.  Its in our DNA.  Change is never welcomed in life and causes chaos.  We use the terms "disruptive technologies" everyday, but the truth is that every technological invention since the 1970s when we started with computers has been disruptive.  Things come and go.  Like 8 track tapes, "Rabbit Ear" TV antennas, getting up to change the channel, etc. - its all now in the chapters of history.  So to will be fax machines, photocopiers, analog telephones, etc.  We evolve to newer and better things.

Organizations have different thresholds of pain when it comes to change.  Many prefer that things don't change, and we would consider them slower adopters of technology.  Others find business benefit in being at the front of technological change.  We don't expect any organization to have to fit into a profile that we have.  We adapt to the organization's need, just like we all must adapt to technological change.  Sometimes we find ourselves as "guides" with clients to technology.  Other times we have to keep up with the client.  But one thing is always true - the inability for a client to adapt successfully to new paradigms of business, technology and social change is usually the extinction of that client.

We take the risks for our clients, and shield them from danger of technological change where we can.  Although a client may engage us just to build some software, we give them advice and wisdom of our decades of experience in how to navigate for what we see is coming around the corner.

We look to the future

We've been honored and lucky to be welcomed into the Open source community on many projects, and all new technological revolutions these days are either innovating from open source or being first seen as viable in the open source world.  That's because the folks that we like to keep company with are as passionate about developing new technology and helping evolve mankind as we are.  So when one of our friends invents something revolutionary, we typically know about it well ahead of the general population.

That knowledge and wisdom comes with any engagement for a client.  Sure, we are a business and we have to make money to exist.  But we're in this for the passion of what we do.  That's first and foremost for us.  So if you want to find out what's going on in any Internet technological space, we'd love to have a chat with you.

Our goal is to protect our clients from the choppy waters of change as well.  If a client is likely to experience some risk in the future, we will bring it to their attention so that they can be pro-active rather than re-active.  We see our client's success as part of our success.  We can't be all things to all people, of course.  And our clients are ultimately responsible for their own business and commercial success, but we're happy to provide information and suggestions regarding how technology may play a role in that success where we can.

For that reason, we have relationships with clients that have worked with us for over 15 years.  Edgeneering may not be that old, but these are clients that moved to Edgeneering with us as we found the need to identify ourselves specifically with the advent of cloud computing.  And we want to be there for our clients for decades to come.

That's who we are

Edgeneering isn't just a company you outsource some work to.  We are a team of 15 passionate technologists, in Phoenix Arizona that care about our creations and our client's well being.  We see our role more as partners and less as vendors to our clients.  Our goal is to add value where we can, and to be a welcomed addition to your resources.  

We hope that you are looking to work with an organization like Edgeneering.  If so, please CONTACT US so we can see how we may be able to help you.


Frequently Asked Questions

‚ÄčThe following information is provided to address questions we are frequently asked about engaging with Edgeneering LLC on projects.  This is not the entirety of our terms & conditions, which is provided for all projects with our standard contract terms, but it should help you understand who Edgeneering are, what advantages there are with engaging with Edgeneering, and what how it all works, so you can determine if we are a good fit for your needs.

What advantages do Edgeneering bring?

Edgeneering is a Phoenix, Arizona based company, with all operations based out of Arizona.  We are members of the Arizona Coalition of Military Veterans and we are very much based as a US centric organization.  This doesn't mean that we are not a good fit for international clients, of which we have many.  But our advantage is that we are an organization that, unlike most on the Internet, are physically present in the local market.

Why is this important?  Clients need to know that in a world of virtual reality, digital content and servers that are all over the place, that there is an organization that they can physically meet with, visit the very data center(s) where their servers are located and audit us.  This is crucial because many of our clients engage in highly sensitive digital content (such as patient records, military, financial information or other private data) and we are bound to be a trusted party as custodians to that data.

Data can exist in multiple copies all over the world.  This is the nature of digital content.  But this is also the downside of that content.  If a server is breached and data is copied, it cannot be brought back.  Copies are a perfect replication of data, so therefore knowing where your data lives and who is looking after it, is really the only way to be 100% sure that you have engaged and trusted the right party for that.  If you elect to purchase server hosting purely on price, know that your data will exist all over the world in wherever that server provider elects to put it.  This is true of any of the larger providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, etc.  You won't be able to physically visit their data center and know where your data is.  You are trusting that a huge organization cares enough about you individually, and that just doesn't happen as much as we might pretend.

So Edgeneering pride ourselves in being a boutique provider because our clients want to partner with an organization that is specifically focused on the client's best interests.

Time to market

In addition to the high security landscape of Edgeneering and our managed services, we can leverage off work done before your project begins.  The jewel of the crown for Edgeneering is our development framework that allows us to use our software as a machine to build new software.  New software that is heavily database oriented.  Heavy transaction oriented systems is our core competency and normally the building of custom systems for this can be slow and take years.

21st century business doesn't have years to bring a new product offering or service to market.  The competition is fierce, so being able to leverage off existing software technologies by Edgeneering is a major competitive advantage.  This includes technologies for security, user interface, PDF generation, SEO, audit & logging, etc.  These items may add years of development time to a project, but Edgeneering have developed technology that allows us to produce any system with these capabilities from day one.  This is because we have adopted a "build the machine to build other machines" approach to development.

With this comes acceptance of some facts for clients.  First, although Edgeneering may be hired as a development vendor for a client, our terms may not be the defacto "Work for Hire" copyright and intellectual property terms that you would get if you just engaged a contractor to build something from scratch.  If the contractor builds something from scratch for you, then you typically own the rights to that thing.  However with Edgeneering a vast majority of your project will be based on derivative works that Edgeneering owns, so you don't get the rights to that.  And those properties assume and may require that they be hosted within Edgeneering infrastructure.  So you probably won't be able to move the project to your own servers.  Therefore rather than considering Edgeneering as a custom software development company, we think of ourselves as a "Managed Services Provider" and you outsource the development and management of your software to Edgeneering.

So even if you have an IT department who are used to managing your digital systems in house, the relationship that Edgeneering will have with them won't be traditional.  We are truly an outsourced vendor in this regard and although we attempt to partner with your IT staff, we probably cannot accommodate them if they expect to dictate how Edgeneering do our work as they might with an employee or contractor.  We therefore work on specification documents, which we are happy to produce, that determines a clear line of delineation between the client and Edgeneering.  That said, most of our clients have been clients for more than 10 years with Edgeneering and this method of a shared responsibility to the goals of the client clearly work.  Our clients have gone from start ups to $100+ million annual revenue organizations during that time, and we are happy to help empower their growth.  But with that comes the understanding that Edgeneering owns what it brings to the table outright, and the client owns what was developed specifically for them, and often that technology won't work without the former.  

How we charge

There are typically two components to our billing with a client.  The first is any fees for service based on time spent on projects.  That will include tasks like consulting, requirement gathering, systems analysis, design coding, testing, QA and maintenance.  Additionally there may be service based fees for some operations support work if it doesn't include general operations support work that Edgeneering does on all of our infrastructure.

Second, there is typically some form of "hosting fee" that comes with hosting the system.  These are normally defined by what level of infrastructure a system requires and typically is no less than a 12 month contract for the client.  Often more favorable fees can be gained by longer term commitments.  

We invoice clients for time based fees every two (2) weeks, unless it is a larger project with an alternative payment schedule defined up front and in the contract.  Failure to pay those invoices in a timely manner will result in a "tools down" situation, where the consultants and developers will stop work on a project until all arrears is paid in full.

We invoice our clients for hosting each month.  If invoices are unpaid, hosting is turned off.  It is that simple.  We have to pay for power, bandwidth and other fees monthly and we base our business on being able to leverage those fees to our clients.  So timing is critical.  Invoices left unpaid for more than seven (7) days are subject to disconnection - much like how your power company may charge for their utility services.

We prefer payments digitally (ie. ACH, credit/debit card or crypto-currency) just because this is the nature of digital business in the 21st century.  We do not enjoy having to chase up late payments on invoices, and will likely terminate services with clients that routinely do this.  If you are still writing checks to pay your vendors, ask us how to change that and reduce your expenses in labor to do it.  Reciprocally we prefer to be paid electronically than to have to take receive postal mail with checks, etc.  It is just not how high technology firms should operate and it isn't a competitive advantage to do business that way.  We can help you advance to avoid it, and we'd love to help you get the same advantages for your business.

Fixed price vs. time & materials quotes

Clients often prefer some form of fixed price to determine a budget for a project.  We may be able to accommodate that once we understand all about what the client wants, but we also prefer a "measure twice, cut once" approach to development.  This means that we don't skip over the requirements. We engage for a long period of time with determining exactly what is required and documenting it.  This can be as much as 25% of the entire project scope, so we charge for this on a time & materials basis.

Once we understand exactly what the client needs and have some ability to determine a strategy on how to achieve it, we can then produce some form of fixed price quote.  But with the complexity of modern technology along with the constant need for change that clients have in our fast paced world, we do not provide fixed price quotations for projects that are less than $25,000 in total expected budget scope.  This may not be able to be determined until the requirement work is done, so the client should understand that Edgeneering cannot provide fixed priced quotes for work that will be less than $25,000 in total cost and cannot provide anything more than a price "guess" which is non-binding if a client asks for what the expected costs of building something will be.  Also know that there will be ongoing hosting fees as well for all work that Edgeneering does.  If you need to engage with us to develop any software that you wish to host yourself, we are not a good fit for this.  There are plenty of alternative providers that would be able to handle this, but it isn't something Edgeneering are willing or able to accommodate.

If a client needs maintenance or small changes to existing projects that are already in place, we cannot provide fixed priced quotes for those changes (again) unless the work is likely to exceed $25,000 in total scope.  We understand that clients wish to cost contain their projects, but in a world of complexity such as software development and the Internet, if that is needed, Edgeneering is not a good choice for the client.

Work Scheduling

We understand that our clients have timelines that they need work done by.  However since the work is often done in conjunction with information or digital assets that are provided to Edgeneering by the client, or that the requirements for the project must become static in order for systems to be built around them, there may be times when for a lack of best intentions, projects get delayed.  In those cases, Edgeneering will reserve the right to take our labor resources off those projects and move them to other client work.  We do work on a first come, first serve basis, and scheduling in order to have the right resource available for the right project can be tricky.  We therefore ask our clients to be as best prepared for their new project before we start, so that all content including APIs, corporate logos, graphics, website design, etc. that the client is providing is already in place.

We are open for normal communications from 9AM to 5PM, Arizona Time.  This is typically Pacific Standard Time, but keep in mind that Arizona doesn't participate in daylight savings time, so for a part of the year, we are on Mountain Standard Time.  We do not have staff working typically on weekends other than system operators who work 24/7 to maintain uptime for servers, etc.  Although you might wish to work on weekends, we prefer not to.  So please don't assume we are available or can respond to emails when we are not open, unless it is an emergency situation.

Also our team need vacations like everyone does.  Be sure to ask us about resource availability during your project timeline, particularly around the US summer period.  Often our team will not work during these times, which typically means low resource availability during June, July and August.   The same may be true during holiday seasons.


Transparency is important to us.  We respect our clients and what they are trying to achieve and we want to help them achieve success. Our ability to work long term with clients really comes down to us being completely transparent on how we operate and to do business in good faith.  This approach allows us to be there in the long term for the client.  We ask that the client respects how we operate, and it would be impossible for us to ask for that if we were not transparent.

So if you have any questions or need any further information, please feel free to CONTACT US for more information.

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