Arizona High Security Data Center

Edgeneering is a true Managed Services Provider and we run our own servers in multiple, redundant data centers. We offer flexible options based on your needs, security requirements and bandwidth to ensure that your applications are housed in the best environment. NOTE: Edgeneering is not a colo or VPS service provider We do not host third party hardware in our data centers as our services are all high security and we only manage our own hardware installations. Our facilities are designed to support the digital assets and software that Edgeneering have developed or have certified as compliant with our highest standards of security and manageability.

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Managed Services & Hosting

Choosing a trust-worthy and responsive managed services provider is critical to your organization. If you go to the trouble to have Edgeneering write your software, then you want to be 100% comfortable with the resources we can bring to host and manage the systems over their lifespan. Rest assured, Edgeneering have invested in the technology infrastructure to ensure that you are safe, have high performance and that we can adapt to your changing needs. And so you don’t have to.

We operate from our high security data center in Phoenix, Arizona. We can ensure that your servers are close to your users and we can handle outage with redundancy by leveraging off our multiple location strategy. We also offer different price scales for hosting services based on the security levels you need, but all of our systems have 24/7 manned and monitored operations, so we keep an eye on things for you. That’s what true “managed services” is all about. This isn’t an option - its what we do for all of our customers.

Our uptime record is incredible. This is why the majority of our customers include government (Federal, State and County), Healthcare, Academia (large school districts have outsourced hosting of strategic assets to Edgeneering), Fortune 500 corporations and all other forms of organizations have chosen Edgeneering to take over management and hosting of their strategic IT assets. We can provide a level of service due to our technologies, techniques and business practices that makes the customer #1.

“Green” data centers

We use virtualization throughout. This allows us to take one physical server device and get up to 50 virtual servers running on it. They all share common resources and this is not only smart from a cost standpoint for us, but its also a great way to do more with less power. We monitor power consumption every second and we have the ability to move things around to ensure that we get the maximum use for the minimum power. This means we can offer you more affordable and competitive hosting options, and we can scale the hardware to the processing requirement of your systems. This flexibility is key to our success.

Our in depth knowledge of virtualization means we can deliver to you a high security solution at the lowest cost. We have the capability to leverage our investments in capital equipment, training, technology deployment strategies and systems management practices so that all customers win. We know administration, but we are also security experts. We have CISSP certified security gurus and protect all of our systems behind military spec firewalls.

Full High Availability & Fail-over support available

As an option, our clients can take advantage of our geographically diverse operations. In the case of truly mission critical service levels, we can choose a site location best suited to the client’s needs (whether that be security, high bandwidth, high performance, proximity, etc.) and then create a mirrored duplicate of the hosted assets in another site location - whether that be in the same data center, interstate or even international. We understand that regional areas offer differing levels of advantage - some locations are great for high speed bandwidth, and others are great for low power requirements. We have the option to offer clients a choice of environments that best suits their needs, and the flexibility to change environments at a later stage if needed.

We also realize that this “VIP” level of service may not be affordable for some organizations, so we can offer an affordable managed service option to start, and allow the client to grow their operations as their business operations need to scale. Many vendors offer a service that might be suitable for today, but doesn’t consider the client’s growing future. Or they have too large an offering to begin with, making it cost prohibitive for the client. Edgeneering have completely flexible offerings that can be both affordable, secure and scale-able for the future.

The highest level of security - for everyone

Physical and digital security is key to our success. We choose data centers that meet our highest level of security requirements. This means physical security access is only to pre-authorized personnel, and security entrance requirements includes badges, keycodes and biometric matching. This is consistent for all data centers that we operate from.

High level security - Phoenix, Arizona

Our Phoenix Arizona data center is equipped with 6 levels of perimeter security, including iris scanning and ‘man-trap’ technology to ensure only authorized personnel can access servers. This standard exceeds PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory standards, but FAR exceeds them. Our resources are expandable in case of large scale enterprise client demand as needed, and we are able to adjust hosting needs to meet the most demanding customer requirements. We even have armed guards at entrance points to ensure the best in physical security.

We use the best in firewall security protocols including providing high security clients with VPN access to their digital assets if required.

We have the resources, so you don’t have to

The goal of our infrastructure is to provide a client with a full service application development and hosting service, but really to ensure that what we build for our clients can be managed and monitored to a standard that we feel is needed. Typically our expectations for our systems are so high, that we only will take on projects that involve us hosting the end result. We have built technology “robots” to manage the well being of our systems and due to our security infrastructure and ability to deploy our robot technologies to detect faults and do pro-active repairs, etc. we cannot guarantee this level of service if a client elects to host outside of our network. But the beauty is that all the costs associated with this level of detail in managing our services are born by us. You will quickly see the financial benefits of paying us to host systems vs. trying to invest in an infrastructure to the level that we have yourself.

If you already have a data center, IT personnel, etc. and wish to have them work WITH us, we’d love to. We partner with government departments, corporate IT, and large school districts routinely and have a great working relationship with our client’s IT resources. Just ask us about this and we’d be more than happy to explain the details.