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We are proud of the technology we invent for our clients. However we know that if you rely on a cloud based web application or mobile solution, after the application is developed and finished, the day to day hosting of the application can make or break the project’s success. So many web developers defer the responsibility of hosting the systems they build to third party cloud hosting services that they have never set foot in their data centers, never met their principals and only know the hosting company from some advertisement on a website. This is very typical of offshore development where the hosting is completely foreign to the developers.

Relying on an unknown third party that may not have the same interest in the uptime of their applications as the developers is a recipe for disaster. Its also a huge risk for the client who contracts with a development company that has no actual experience in hosting web applications - they don’t design an application for ‘real life’ hosting needs. Assuming that just because a company can build something, doesn’t mean they know how to build it for hosting. And the client is left with the day to day trouble each day after its delivered and paid for, if the application won’t perform, runs with constant issues or won’t scale to your production needs. You need a solutions company that not only know how to build great applications, but also knows how they must be hosted to guarantee you get the greatest return on your development investment. You don’t want a situation where, when there is a problem, the developers blame the hosting company or the hosting company blames the developers for a poorly designed solution. You need a one stop shop for development & hosting.

Edgeneering have invested heavily in data centers, servers, backup system and high availability fail-over technologies to ensure that our applications are not only perfectly crafted for the customer, but that we host the application afterwards in our own data centers. Its for this reason that many government and enterprise customers choose Edgenerering as their technology partner because we not only know how to build killer applications, but we also know how to get the most out of their performance with our optimized hosting solutions.

And because we host our own applications, we can go the extra mile to ensure security to your data - whether that be physical or digital security. Take a look at our data centers to get an idea of our commitment to your systems success.

Phoenix Data Center

Our Phoenix Arizona data center is equipped with 6 levels of perimeter security, including iris scanning and ‘man-trap’ technology to ensure only authorized personnel can access servers. This standard exceeds PCI, HIPAA and other regulatory standards, but FAR exceeds them. Our resources are expandable in case of large scale enterprise client demand as needed, and we are able to adjust hosting needs to meet the most demanding customer requirements. We even have armed guards at entrance points to ensure the best in physical security.