Custom built eCommerce solutions

In today’s world, it is rare that a business can survive let alone thrive without a solid eCommerce offering to their customers. Edgeneering build customized ecommerce solutions in Arizona for our clients that integrate with their websites. We use our unique development framework and build all software from our offices in Scottsdale, with the option to include regular merchant credit card processing, Bitcoin and crypto-currency support, etc.


Way back in 2010, we built a technology framework we call “EdgeCommerce”. EdgeCommerce takes all the pain out of developing a custom eCommerce solution for a client. This means faster timeline to market, and using tried and true code that is already production tested. But the big difference is that we designed EdgeCommerce to be customized by us for our clients. This means that you don’t have to just accept what other providers will offer you, nor do you have to develop a solution from scratch.

There are a lot of core features found in EdgeCommerce that are not found in other solutions.

Separate your “Catalog” from your “Inventory”

The key advantage of EdgeCommerce is that you can separate what your customers see in the “Catalog” (your online shopping catalog) to being something entirely different to what your logistics, inventory and fulfillment personnel see. Sure, its easy if you only sell books. Each has a SKU. Customer orders a book. You receive the order, your inventory personnel pick it and ship it out. Done.

But life isn’t that simple. Imagine if you have a product offering to a customer that is a collection of components, and that the customer has choices as to what components they want to add, subtract, substitute, etc. But you still want to present this as a single product so its not complex for the customer. Well that’s not so easy with other solutions. But with EdgeCommerce, its built right in.

Present the best view to the customer to maximize ordering

Your customer should see an easy view of what is on offer. If there are options, present them at the time of ordering, but don’t complicate the process. You shouldn’t pass down to the customer the complexity that might occur in your warehouse to fulfill the order. They don’t want to know. They just want to order something, get it exactly as they want, and submit the order.

But make life easy for your warehouse staff

When the order is received, then you need that order to be broken out to its individual inventory items. So the order of, for example, a computer system will have all the components individually listed out, but the customer just ordered the laptop or desktop system. This is key if you want to increase sales.

And we know that sales tax can be calculated on some items and not others. But what if an order for a single catalog item creates a bill of materials in which some items are taxable and some are not? Can you integrate complex ERP requirements into your eCommerce solution? EdgeCommerce can and does.

Payment Options

Give your customers as many choices as you can for payment and they’ll appreciate it and reward you with more orders. But this can be a difficult task for many clients because in the case of payment cards such as VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover, you have to comply with complex PCI-DSS compliance. And that means annual audits. If you store a credit card number, you are subject to compliance and the penalties of non-compliance are massive. $50,000 first time penalty from VISA if a credit card gets compromised. Can you afford that?

To get around this, a lot of clients choose to have their credit card processing done by PayPal, Stripe, etc. But the problem is that they take MASSIVE fees for this. 3% is basically the starting point, and if you are in a competitive industry with tight margins, you know that is not sustainable.

Again, EdgeCommerce has the solution. We’ve partnered with Transfirst to offer credit card processing in which WE get audited so you don’t. Because we act as the gateway for these transactions, Edgeneering is the sole party that is subject to audit. However the end result is that because we can leverage this across all customers, we don’t need to charge anyway near the fees that PayPal, Stripe, or others are charging. Depending on your industry, risk factor, etc. it will change, but typically we have found ourselves to be at least 25% cheaper than our competitors in this space. You get the savings immediately.

Bitcoin and Crypto-Currency Payments?

Yep. This is something we’ve been involved with since 2014 and we can integrate your eCommerce process with Coinbase or BitPay to handle payment processing in the crypto-currency or currencies that you choose. Its not mandatory, but its available if you need it.

ERP Integration

Larger customers, particularly B2B customers, want the payment process to not be a “payment” per se, but integrate with purchase ordering systems, etc. We’ve done HUGE system integration work with EdgeCommerce and SAP before, using SAP’s OCI services. If you have this need, contact us for assistance.


Although this is more for the smaller business, we can integrate either in batch or in real time with Quickbooks. We’ve been a Quickbooks Development Partner for over 12 years and have integrated large and small scale systems with Quickbooks through their SDK.

The result

You get the business increase without having to be eCommerce experts. Take advantage of our experience and leverage off our existing code. Yet you will still get all the benefits and power securely, quickly and your customers will love it!