Hardware Integration

We live in the world of the “Internet of Things”. Devices previously never considered to be connected to the Internet are. Although there are many examples of this being just a marketing gimmick, there are many, many opportunities to merge the physical world of electronic devices with the digital world of the Internet. A key piece of technology that has made this come of age is the concept of ‘Beacons’.

Experts in iBeacon technology

Beacons is simply a term used for Bluetooth 4 technology. This new advancement of the Bluetooth protocol allows devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, vehicles, industrial work centers, doorway entry systems and security, and any other device you can think of to be instantly aware of a person walking within 6 feet or so of a ‘beacon’. Without all the pain and agony of pairing BT devices. Phones since iOS 5 or Android 4 all come with beacon technology compatibility. Imagine if you could seamlessly identify a person when they walk near a beacon? Imagine if you could take that event and send it to the Edgeneering cloud hosted application you have running that would look up that person, and serve them personalized content. The possibilities are endless…

Its all about being able to develop Beacon based technologies and embed them in devices in your organization. To do this, however, you need a certain specific set of skills - you need great systems analysts and designers, you need great programmers for the ‘back-end’ cloud hosted application and database, you need a company that can host it off-site for you and you need experts in the creation of beacon based devices that integrate your physical world needs with the data center. These devices typically share one thing in common - the Linux operating system.
The solutions for this level of 21st century technology is all about Linux. Its about finding an organization that live and breath Linux, and have all the facilities in place today that means you can take advantage of this opportunity before your competition does. And you need an organization that isn’t afraid to build you a custom hardware and software solution. Imagine putting small, touch-screen devices at various locations in your organization that were aware of the person within 6 feet of them and could serve up custom video content? Or imagine a security entry system that didn’t need a key because it could identify the person coming in and open the door automatically for them. Or a time tracking system for employee attendance? Or a retail store solution for closer interaction with the customer. Or a manufacturing solution that would know about physical objects moving throughout the production & distribution chain…. You need custom Linux based devices at each point for this that integrate back to your main cloud hosted application and database.

Its all about Linux

Yes, the future is here now if you partner with the right software engineering company that can do all of this. Edgeneering is that company.